My job as a Law of Attraction coach is to guide you on how to plant and grow your thoughts purposefully, to use the strength of your thoughts to bring your inside potential out, to set and achieve good goals and to live the life you want.

The 8 week Inside Out Coaching Programme is a series of 8 + 1 coaching sessions. It is based on one to one sessions, and can be individually tailored to help with many different areas of life.

The Inside Out 8 Week Coaching Programme


If you have difficulties with one or several aspects of your life ... if you feel unhappy, frustrated, stuck, losing hope, not feeling sure about how to define your identity or where you want to go, then this programme is for you.

Who is this programme made for? 

This coaching programme is developed for you who would like to make a change, to connect with yourself and be more in control of your situation. It is for you who would like to re-write the story of your life as it is right now, and find a new direction for the future.

Our thoughts are at the root of everything we create or aspire to, and of how we react to situations and opportunities. Thoughts are at the root of everything we do (or don’t do) in our lives. Life can be a chaotic and unpredictable place, inside and out. We can’t stop this, but we can change the way we think about it.

The Inside Out 8 Week Coaching Programme

how does it work?

THE FIRST SEESION: To allow ample time, the first session is 90 minutes. In this session we will look at your experiences, your situation, your goals and what you hope to get from the programme. You will learn about the principles of Law of Attraction and how it works in our daily lives. You will also be introduced to your first mindset tool and learn how to use this tool to start making changes to your life.


THE FOLLOWING SESSIONS: In the following 7 sessions, of 60 minutes, we continue to bring your inside strengths out. You will learn how to adopt a more optimistic, hopeful and purposeful mindset, and how to intentionally change your thoughts and redirect your attention. You will be introduced to a range of tools, including writing exercises. These writing exercises help you re-frame challenges and enables you to be the one who write and create the story of your life.

It will be fun, exciting and easier than you think. If you need help or have questions between sessions, I will respond and assist you.

The programme concludes with the 9th follow-up session of 60 minutes, scheduled around 2-5 weeks after the last session.


In this session we fortify your training, go through questions you may have after you have digested the impact of the coaching for some time and make sure you feel strong, confident and good about maintaining this new direction in your life. 

I start with a free introduction call or meeting where I answer any questions you may have, and together we can arrange a convenient place in London for the sessions. If you are not based in London, I can also do sessions via Skype or Zoom. 

Send me an e-mail or text message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

prices and pratical information 


1 first session of 90 minutes.

7 sessions of 60 minutes each.

1 follow-up session of 60 minutes.


The price for the 8 week programme is £ 595.

(Can be paid in instalments.)


Single coaching sessions, 60 mins: £ 100.

Hypnosis sessions, 120 mins: £ 150.

Reiki sessions, 60 mins: £ 65.

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