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About my  approach to coaching

I combine a range of methods and tools to form my personal style of coaching, and to tailor the coaching to suit each client.

I am also a hairdresser - a profession that has been an invaluable source of motivation to becoming a coach. In the salon chair I meet people in a "self-care situation", and YES, it can boost our morale and confidence when we direct some self-love to our outside. However, if what we REALLY want to change is how we feel, we need self-care for the inside.


In hairdressing we aim to bring out each person's individual style and beauty. As a coach I take the position of a hairdresser to the next level - to make people feel good inside and out and connect more with their own inner beauty and strength.

sabrina picot

I am a qualified Law of Attraction Teacher, a certified hypnotherapist trained in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and a Reiki master.

The INSIDE OUT 8 week programme is put together also to respond to a time where there is a pressure to spend a lot of energy and focus on who we should be on the OUTSIDE, but less focus and value on who we are on the INSIDE. 


In my coaching practice I therefore emphasize the powerful new possibilities we gain if we focus on our INNER beauty and INNER style.

the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of several approaches I use in my coaching. If you want different outcomes in life, you have to make a conscious decision to change your thoughts and redirect your attention.

The Law of Attraction is the principle of how like attracts like, or in other words, how things we focus on will manifest in our lives - how thoughts eventually will turn into action or things. Imagine you are planting seeds. The more you focus on learning how to plant them right, how to nourish and water them correctly, the better they will grow.

Applying The Law of Attraction consciously to your life can help you nurture new thoughts, handle challenging situations differently and help you create new positive directions for your life. 

What is it and how does it work? 


Where your attention goes, you grow, positively or negatively. When tapping into the Law of Attraction we use the power of the mind intentionally to bring whatever is in our thoughts out into our reality. 

We have no power over our past but we can act on our future. The law of attraction allows infinite possibilities, a simple shift in attitude can help you unveil new potential, find other solutions and get more fulfilment out of every situation.

My training as a coach has made me recognise the constant impact Law of Attraction has had throughout all of my life, but not always for the best, because before I became aware of it I did not know how to control my attention and thoughts. The law of attraction works at this very moment, at every moment - whether we choose to tap into it or not.

A personal practice where you cultivate the principles of the Law of Attraction can bring love, success, prosperity and so on, but more importantly, it can accompany you through life as a tool to grow on the INSIDE,  to nourish more peace of mind, fulfilment, achievement, confidence to bring your inner beauty of with joy!

What can you get out of cultivating the Law of Attraction ?

A change in perspective and mindset can change how you walk through life. By choosing to love life even when sorrow, pain, anger and difficulties cross your path, you can nourish growth, happiness, contentment and a zest for life, that is also wonderfully infectious to the people around you.

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