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We often go to the hairdresser to get a new haircut when we are at a crossroads or difficult time in our life.

It can work a treat for our morale to direct self-love and attention to our outside, but often what we really seek is also to change how we feel INSIDE. My job as a mentor and coach is to help with this.

Inside Out

8 Week Coaching Programme


Life can be a chaotic and unpredictable place, INSIDE and OUT. We can't stop the dynamics of life, but we can change the way we respond to what life throws at us.

I can help you uncover your inside strength and beauty, find the blind spot that may be blocking you from moving forward and give you tools to help you set brave, but also kind, new goals for yourself.

What I call The Blind Spot is something inside us that needs to be nurtured and healed. My work is to teach you how loving yourself more and paying attention to all that you are INSIDE is an important step to evolve your life.

Power is NOT in what we do for a living or what material possesions we have. Power is how we feel inside and in the quality of the choices we make for ourselves every day.

Happiness and contentedness take many forms and will ebb and flow in our life, but I believe that they are also non-negotiable ingredients to deliberately plant and nurture actively to create the life we desire.

Making changes to your life requires work, but everything you need is already inside you. With new perspectives and tools, taking care of the whole you, inside out, will also be exciting, fun and easier than you think.

Grow your inner strength 

If you have difficulties with  any aspects of your life, or if you feel unsure about how to define your identity or where you want to go, then this programme is for you.

This coaching programme is developed for you who would like to make a change and be more in control of how you respond to life. 


It is for you who would like to find a new direction with more self-love, self-acceptance, self-esteem and confidence to bring out the radiant, determined and joyful you.

Inside Out

Who is this coaching programme  for? 

The programme is a series of 9 coaching sessions, individually tailored to you and your situation.


1 first start-up session of 90 minutes

7 sessions of 60 minutes each

1 follow-up session of 60 minutes


Full 8 week programme  £ 2.000

(Can be paid in instalments)

Single coaching session: £ 350

Single Theta healing session: £ 350

Follow-up coaching session, 60 mins: £ 175 

I start with a free introduction video call, or meeting. We will look at your overall situation, go through how we can work together, what I can bring to you and I will answer any questions you might have.

To book a free introduction, send me an e-mail or sms and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

8 Week Coaching Programme

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THE FIRST SESSION: To allow ample time, the first session is 90 minutes. In this session we will look at your experiences, your situation, your goals and what you hope to get from the programme. You will also be introduced to your first mindset tools and learn how to use these to start making changes to your life.


THE FOLLOWING SESSIONS: In the following 7 sessions, of 60 minutes, we continue to find and re-activate your inner strengths. You will learn how it is possible to adopt a more optimistic and purposeful mindset.


You will be introduced to a range of tools and exercises to help you re-frame challenges and enable you to create the story of your life. I believe we grow more in positive environments so the process should be enjoyable, fun and exciting.

THE PROGRAMME CONCLUDES WITH: a 9th follow-up session of 60 minutes, scheduled around 2-5 weeks after the last session.


In this session we fortify your training, go through questions you may have and make sure you feel strong, confident and good about maintaining this new direction in your life.

The Inside Out 8 Week Coaching Programme

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