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I grew up in a village in France and was not a confident child. I was also overweight and struggled with feelings of shame and guilt. I became a virtuoso in negative self-talk.


At 23 I became a hairdresser and experienced that I (yes, I!) was good at something. Making people look in the mirror and feel good about themselves was so rewarding,  and it still is!

One day a dear friend gave me a harsh wake up call. She was angry and frustrated with me and and she eventually ended our friendship.

I was crushed, but it started to dawn on me that I had become too negative and "toxic" for others to be around. Today I am grateful to her, because the painful loss of a friendship was ultimately also the catalyst for change that made me take action and step onto the path towards a happier life.

From Shy Child in Rural France to London Coach

... and how  cutting peoples' hair led me to also become a coach

my story

I had become negative from the inside out

I thrived in my work and started to look at myself with more appreciation. As a result my physique changed too. I saw how loving what you do and loving who you are inside reflects on your outside. The connection between mind and body, and how they influence each other, became clearer to me.

But then life continued. I had moved from France to England and experienced a time with set backs, heartache and loneliness. My self-doubt started to grow. I felt that the confidence and connections I had built up with others were just illusions.


I had recognised how positive circumstances had made me flourish and glow, but I still knew nothing about how to handle hard times and challenges. I didn't know how to take control over my situation and how to respond to it. I self-pitied excessively and directed my thoughts to how unfair life felt to me. My only attempt of a “solution” was to avoid social life more and more and I started using drugs to numb the pain.

The short presentation of me as a coach is that I am:

- A Law of Attraction Teacher

- A Certified Hypnotherapist, trained in Rapid Transformation Therapy, RTT

- A Theta Healing Practitioner

- A Reiki Master

But I'm also a hairdresser, a profession that played an important part in my journey to becoming a coach.

Different states of mood, woman covering

First I went into therapy...

Then I started to work on breaking up a downward spiral of self-pity and instead take responsibility for how I dealt with the challenges in my life.

First I trained to become a Reiki Master. Then I qualified as a certified hypnotherpist, trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and also as a Law of Attraction teacher.

I now use all these tools to maintain a balance for a healthy life filled with love. Don't get me wrong, I still face difficult situations and challenges, but it helps me to navigate through life with more peace and to keep growing and moving towards my goals.

Sabrina Picot

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My childhood experiences have shown me the anxiety and pain we can build up if we compromise our inner self-approval and love to gain the approval of others.

sabrina picot is a london coach and law of attraction teacher

One of the most significant lessons from my training has been to connect with the magic I was born with and find love for myself to regain my sparkle.

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