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My story and why I became a coach.

I grew up surrounded by boys, in a small village in France. I thought I had to act and be like everyone else to be accepted, so I tried to suppress my femininity and anything “girlie” in order to fit in. I also felt ashamed because I was overweight as a child. I became a self-criticism virtuoso.

... today I am grateful to her, because the painful loss of a friendship was ultimately also the catalysts for change that made me take action and step onto the path towards a happier life.

First I went into therapy...


Then I trained to become a Reiki Master. I continued to train and also became a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), training with Marisa Peer. Later on I extended my training further still and became a teacher of the Law of Attraction, training with Carolyne Bennett.

My childhood experiences has shown me the anxiety and pain we can build up if we compromise our inner self-approval and love to gain the approval of others. One of the most significant lessons from my training and from other wonderful spirituals teachers, such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks, has been to connect with the magic I was born with and find love for myself to regain my sparkle. 


Today I use tools and experiences from my varied training to live my life from a place of expecting that everything is always working out for me. I therefore feel at ease and content most of the time.

At 18 I became hairdresser. I experienced that I (yes I!) was good at something. I could make people look in the mirror and feel amazing about themselves. It was rewarding! I thrived, started to look at myself with more appreciation. As a result also my physique changed. I saw how loving what you do and loving who you are inside reflects on your outside too. I became aware of the connection between mind and body, and fascinated by how they influence each other.


But then life continued to happen to me. I had moved from France to England and I experienced a time when set backs, heartache and loneliness stockpiled on me. I started to doubt myself again. I felt that the confidence and connections I had built up with others were mere illusions. I started to use drugs in social settings.


I had recognised how positive circumstances had made me flourish and glow, but I knew nothing still about how I could handle hard times and challenges. I didn't know how I could influence my situation or assert control over how I responded to it. I self-pitied excessively and directed my thoughts to how unfair it was that life had dealt me such a “rotten hand”. My only attempt of a “solution” was to avoid social life more and more and I started using drugs also on my own to numb the pain.

One day I got a harsh wake up call from a dear friend. She was angry and frustrated with me and told me to break up with my unproductive self-pity. She told me I had an obligation to take responsibility for how I dealt with the challenges in my life. At the time I couldn't make use of her words, and my friend eventually broke up with our friendship. I was crushed, but it dawned on me that I had become too negative for others to be around...
Don’t get me wrong. I still face difficult situations; tragic loss, doubt, set-backs, bad days, hard weeks and I still come across really annoying people on the London tube. When it happens though, I now see it as natural parts of my journey that are best navigated by deliberately applying lots of helpful thoughts, positive energy and focus on how it may also serve me as catalysts for change, growth and to achieve goals. This perspective helps me respond in a more relaxed and hands on way.

I have manifested wonderful things in my life as a result of my training, but the most valuable thing I have learned is how crucial happiness is. Happiness and contentedness take many forms, and they will ebb and flow in our lives, but I believe that they are non-negotiable ingredients to deliberately plant and nurture if we want to co-create the life we truly desire.

Sabrina Picot, 2019

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